Why and when to move

For decades this has been a challenge which has faced so many of those approaching or reaching retirement age, with some or all of these thoughts flooding into their heads:

v  When is the right time or age to commit to moving?

v  Why sell the family home and downsize when we’re still fit and mobile?

v  How will we cope with having to let go of many personal possessions, with their precious memories?

v  Can we even afford to move?

v  Why even consider moving into a community of “golden oldies”?!

v  When we give up our independence, surely we’ll start ageing overnight?

v  Won’t we be bored, boring and end up just being grumpy?

v  What will I do, if I find myself on my own?

v  Why not just carry on here in our home, until we’re forced to make a final move?


The truth is that no one knows what the future holds, even more so as we get older. Our health or mobility can quickly deteriorate, we can lose a spouse prematurely, our ability or desire to continue in the traditional family home can alter, close family emigrate and friends move away, we no longer have the desire or ability to do housekeeping or maintenance, or we just feel that the time is right to move into a safe, secure, user-friendly, supportive community of folk who are in some similar circumstances.

It is both wise and responsible to at least put into place plans for your “retirement” future, and not just financial planning; putting your name on a Waiting List is probably one of the wisest and cheapest “insurance policy” investments you can make. When you need or wish to make the move to a “retirement village” environment, you’re in the queue, or possibly at the front of it.

It is important, though, to understand that one’s physical, mental, emotional or financial health status may be such that MHA’s offerings may not be appropriate.

Sadly, the need to move into a Frail Care facility is not only dictated by advanced age; mental or physical frailty can as easily visit in one’s 60’s as in one’s 80’s or 90’s. We just don’t know.


It is said that the French generally subscribe to three stages of life’s journey:

                      The stage of Learning ............. childhood, adolescence, education

                      The stage of Labour................. stressful working years, building one’s life/family

                      The stage of Living .................. retirement, reduced stress, focusing on self and others


MHA is dedicated to providing products, services and environments aimed at enhancing the “Living” stage of life, surely one of God’s most precious gifts to us.