MHA is in the fortunate position that its products and offerings are considered very attractive, and thus in high demand. A formal Waiting List exists, and the allocation of a Life Right to a cottage or Bedsitter flatlet is dealt with strictly in accordance with the order of that Waiting List, and no exceptions are made under any circumstances whatsoever.

The movement of one’s name up the Waiting List is dependent on the cycle of cottages or flatlets becoming available, or if MHA embarks on a new village or Bedsitter development.

Our Waiting List makes provision for recording an applicant’s preferred village or villages, and there is no restriction in that regard. On being offered accommodation, the applicant may postpone or decline for any reason, his/her name retains its place on the list, and he/she will be approached with an offer of accommodation at a future date.

As the demand for accommodation far outweighs the availability of accommodation units, MHA advises those who wish to place their names on the Waiting List that, bearing in mind that the time between putting one’s name on the list and being offered Life Right accommodation could be 12-15 years, the ideal time to get onto the Waiting List is by age 60. For practical reasons MHA does not accept any applicant onto the Waiting List who is beyond the age of 70 years.