What we offer

MHA provides paid-for accommodation or care on the following basis:

v  Independent Living: residents live in a cottage within a village, most are still able to drive their car, they are able to cater and care for themselves, and most engage in some social, physical and recreational activities

v Assisted Living:  residents in a Bedsitter or single room are mainly still physically mobile, but no longer wish to look after their own home, they may require some limited assistance, and receive at least one served daily meal

v  Frail Care: residents who are physically and/or mentally unable to cope unaided may relocate to one of MHA’s appropriate care facilities.

The physical, mental, emotional and financial health of our applicants and residents is a key consideration, and MHA staff assess and monitor these factors, so that appropriate solutions can be investigated, discussed and considered, as required. There are occasionally cases where personal circumstances are such that none of MHA’s facilities is deemed appropriate for the applicant or resident, and this would be discussed in detail with the person and/or family involved.