Welcome to Methodist Homes for the Aged (Eastern Cape)

Methodist Homes for the Aged (Eastern Cape)---MHA---is engaged in the business of providing affordable, secure, comfortable accommodation as well as caring, professional frail care facilities to qualifying retired persons and, as far as we are able to, providing products and services for all phases of their ageing process.  We endeavour to create and maintain a loving and supportive community-focused environment, subscribing to Christian values.

25 October 2020

This magnificent Vygie bush, planted as a 10cm slip by resident Bernie Ferreira about four years ago, greets all visitors to Bob Zeiss Bedsitters and CP Bradfield Frail Care as they enter the car park there.

Vygies–or mesembryanthemums–are South Africa’s most colourful plant group. Their flowers, in just about every colour of the rainbow across 1800 species, give visual joy in September and October. The Afrikaans name Vygie, which literally means ‘small fig’, is based on the fact that the top-like fruiting capsule also resembles a small fig. There was some debate amongst the Bedsitter residents about the actual colour of the blooms in the photo. Magenta? Just sommer purple (as one resident suggested)?!


30 September 2020

Bob played a huge role in the formation of MHA, and in its development in the 80s and 90s; this is well recorded in the MHA history book. Bob passed away three years ago, and his daughter, Joan Peters, has been very busy arranging a memorial garden, in spite of Lockdown interruptions.

Joan initially considered just a bench, but she then felt that the CP Bradfield Frail Care and the adjacent Bob Zeiss Bedsitters needed more than that; an outdoor haven. In consultation with MHA, Joan and her landscaper have created a beautiful garden in a quiet corner at CP Bradfield; it is colourful and pretty, it has a rainwater channel running through it, and some artificial grass has been used to make the garden wheelchair-friendly. It is a wonderful memorial to a great man, and will bring joy to so many.

Screenshot 2020-09-30 at 07.45.13

30 September 2020

 A century ago the English poet and hymnist Dorothy Frances Gurney wrote these lovely words:

The kiss of the sun for pardon
The song of the birds for mirth
You are nearer God’s heart in the garden
Than anywhere else on earth

MHA is blessed to have a great number of residents who are avid gardeners. The gardens they create and tend give joy to themselves as well as to passers-by. Some can even eat what they grow!

One such resident is Moira Boshoff, who moved to Cassia Gardens in 2018. Coincidentally her cottage was previously occupied by Bob and Joyce Zeiss! Moira has created lovely beds of flowers and succulents, and she has a productive vegetable garden too. Birds and bees are attracted to her trees and plants, water and feeders. There are also two garden benches where she (or fellow residents) can sit in shade and enjoy the gardens, or soak up the view of distant hills and blue sky.

Another such resident is Bernie Ferreira of Bob Zeiss Bedsitters. With a bit of assistance she has created  and maintains beautiful gardens along the path leading to the entrance to CP Bradfield Frail Care and Bob Zeiss Bedsitters.