Facilities Management

MHA believes that residents in our cottages (Independent Living) and apartments/rooms (Assisted Living) should be encouraged to enjoy as much freedom and flexibility as possible, so that any perceived concern about an “institutional” environment is minimized or avoided. Remaining as independent as possible for as long as possible is a key driver of physical and mental wellbeing, and of longevity, and MHA encourages that.

 That said, there is a need for our villages and other facilities to be managed in such a way as to ensure that safety, security, comfort, enjoyment, general wellbeing and sense of community is maintained, to the ultimate benefit of all who reside there. To this end, our villages are each under the control of a Complex Manager, who:

  • Lives within the village, in a cottage with an adjoining office
  • Is totally dedicated to the welfare and safety of all village residents
  • Reports to the General Manager
  • Is supported by a Liaison Committee, elected annually, whose members represent the residents, act as a link between Management and residents, and assist the Manager, from time to time, in carrying out some of his/her duties and responsibilities
  • Is skilled and dedicated in ensuring the smooth running of the village, and the happiness and safety of its residents
  • Manages the staff employed at the village (cottage cleaning, complex gardening), and controls the operating budget of the village.

The maintenance of our cottages, apartments and rooms, externally and to some extent internally, is an essential part of MHA’s offering. We are committed to providing comfortable yet affordable accommodation units to our residents, and which must be functional and attractive. Refurbishment becomes an increasing challenge as the residential units age, and this is exacerbated when a unit is occupied for a lengthy period, but MHA has a refurbishment plan in place, dealt with as units become available for Life Right re-sale, or as individual unit circumstances might dictate. MHA employs a skilled Maintenance Team, which deals with ongoing re-paint programmes, unit upgrades, as well as both general and preventative maintenance.