Accommodation Pricing

MHA was founded on the principle that it would provide affordable accommodation to qualifying retired persons. Private retirement facilities across the country range from basic to luxurious but, since its inception, MHA has endeavoured to provide products and services which would appeal to the “middle” sector of communities. Having created 324 cottages in 6 villages, all with a similar look and feel, and with a Waiting List in excess of over 1700 names, this is proof enough that MHA’s offering is attractive and well accepted.

A constant challenge facing MHA has been to try to achieve a balance between the current pricing of our older cottages (for example, a standard cottage in the mid-1980s cost R40 000 to build, which included a share of the infrastructure costs) and recently built cottages (where the cost of the building and a share of the infrastructure would be in excess of R 1,000,000.00). The Board’s pricing strategy has been, and will continue to be, aimed at achieving a balance between these two dynamics, and to always present affordable units to prospective Life Right occupants.

A schedule of current pricing is available from Head Office.