Safety and Security

MHA is committed to doing all that it can to ensure the safety and security of those in our care. As criminal activity escalates, both MHA and its residents need to work together to manage Security exposures. Safety is an equally important consideration, particularly insofar as fire and evacuation is concerned.

To this end, MHA:

v  Offers to all residents in our cottages and apartments a “panic button” facility which can be activated by the resident in the event of a security or health emergency
v  Has perimeter fence security at all our villages, including automatic gates and electrified fencing
v  Works closely with the Metro’s Fire and Safety unit, to ensure that all the required fire-fighting equipment and appliances are in place, are serviced as required, and that staff are trained in their use
v  Has Fire Drill and Evacuation procedures in place, and ensures that they are occasionally tested.