Contract Termination

The right and use of occupation of a cottage, in terms of the Agreement, continues until the earliest of the following occurring:

1.     The death of the last dying of the Occupant or Co-Occupant, or

2.     The Occupants giving notice of their intention to surrender the right to occupancy, or

3.     The Occupants both ceasing to permanently occupy the cottage, or

4.     The Occupants failing to pay monies owing

5.     The Occupants failing to comply with their contractual obligations, or failing to observe rules and regulations issued to them by MHA

6.     Subject to certain criteria, when the Occupant’s or Co-Occupant’s infirmity, state of health, debilitation, state of mind, conduct or behaviour is such that termination of the Contract is necessary, in the best interests of parties involved, the Refund Policy may be applied, after deduction of any monies owing to MHA.