Registration: Both of our Frail Care units are registered with the Departments of Health and Social Development, and are regularly inspected by those Departments to ensure that all standards and regulations are complied with and adhered to

Ø  Staffing: Our Frail Care units are overseen by a Nursing Services Manager, and each Frail Care unit is supervised by a Unit Manager who is a qualified and experienced geriatric professional nurse.   Our staff compliment is supplemented by Professional Nurses, Enrolled Nurses and Health Care workers, all of whom are committed to caring for the aged. Some residents might require constant care, on a “24 hour” basis, in which event the resident or family members would be encouraged to engage, at their cost, the services of independent dedicated carers

Ø  Personal Effects: Apart from necessities such as appropriate clothing and toiletries, residents usually bring with them personal effects such as a TV, radio and wall decorations, and are also encouraged to personalize their room as they wish, in terms of different curtaining or perhaps a favourite chair or blanket, to create a “familiar” environment

Ø  Meals: MHA outsources its catering requirements.  The caterers are responsible for providing tasty and nourishing meals according to dietary needs. Meals are served in the dining room or in a resident’s room, as circumstances dictate

Ø  Amenities: our Frail Care homes have a TV lounge and a sunroom

Ø  Laundry: Frail Care residents’ laundry is attended to on a daily basis by our trained laundry assistants

Ø  Cleaning of the facilities: Our friendly cleaning staff are responsible for ensuring that all rooms and communal areas are hygienically cleaned daily

Ø  Spiritual Care and Counselling: As part of our holistic approach we offer spiritual care via bible studies, support groups and weekly church services on the premises.  A Professional Counsellor is available for emotional support.

MHA’s Frail Care facilities are:

C Phillipson Bradfield Frail CareGazania Avenue, Sunridge Park34
Maranatha Frail CarePickering Street, Newton Parkk29