MHA has formed a CovidCom to drive its battle against Coronavirus/COVID-19 disease which will definitely hit PE, and may cause significant challenges for our frail, elderly residents. We are doing what we can to be prepared for it.

Communication is key. CovidCom agreed that we would use the website as the primary means of communicating to residents and their familiesCovidCom has addressed a letter to all residents, other than those in frail care, which was delivered  on Monday 16 March 2020



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 CovidCom met this morning; it was our 30th formal meeting, and on top of many informal meetings and telephone conversations held since the outbreak of the pandemic in our country in March 2020. 

Recent Covid infections within MHA (residents and staff) peaked at 21 cases, but we have had no further cases since last reporting to you. We all know that this can change in a flash, and so we should all keep on doing what we need to do, to stay safe. 

Globally there is continuing hype, some of it bordering on hysteria, regarding the Omicron variant. Within SA we are definitely in the fourth wave. Interestingly, the daily new Covid cases across the country peaked at 13449 in July 2020 (1st wave), 20999 in January 2021 (2nd), 22910 in July 2021 (3rd), and as of yesterday there were 23857 new cases. Some overseas countries are showing massive increases; winter plays a role in this, but there has been some reckless relaxations of safety rules. Overseas travel restrictions have just added to the misery, felt by tens of millions of people, across the world. We must, and will, continue to be optimistic, courageous, and look after one another. 

What do you want for Christmas? According to a 1948 song: “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth”, while a 1994 hit song told us: “All I want for Christmas is you”! Probably No.1 on your list to Santa this year is a plea to return us to some sort of normal; to get your lives back; to just be free again. CovidCom members know that some of this could be achieved by ensuring some ‘normality’ at Christmas time, but we are also mindful that a significant spike in infections and/or new Lockdown restrictions implemented by Government could undo all of this. 

After much debate CovidCom decided that the following changes and arrangements will apply to CP Bradfield Frail Care (CPB), Maranatha Frail Care (MFC) and Bob Zeiss Bedsitters (BZB): 

  • Lockdown will be lifted at all three facilities during the period 09h00 on Friday 24 December to 16h00 on Sunday 26 December 2021, allowing residents to go out and to be with loved ones for a while 
  • Any resident wanting to go out at any time during this window period must make arrangements accordingly with the Sister on Duty (CPB: 041-3606474/MFC: 041-3652233). This will enable staff to keep track of movements, and for catering purposes 
  • Residents leaving MHA’s facilities over the Christmas period will do so at their own risk 
  • Residents and their loved ones are urged to avoid large/public gatherings, and to ensure proper ventilation in any facility being visited 
  • Our Nursing Services Manager Sanet Marx will be on leave 16 December 2021 to 2 January 2022 inclusive. Matron Nelmari Windell will be standing in for her during this period, supported by our Professional Nurse/Counsellor Gillian le Roux. 

CovidCom members wish all of our residents and staff across MHA, and the wider MHA family, a Blessed Christmas, a safe and joyous festive season, and God’s protection now and in 2022. We may still be at War, but let us celebrate some Peace at this special time (apologies to Leo Tolstoy!!) 

Malcolm Stewart 

CovidCom Chairman (and on behalf of the Board, Management, our staff, and CovidCom) 

PLEASE REMEMBER: As we present new “Breaking news” or “Newsflash” bulletins, the replaced ones are being filed under the News tab, and then under the Archives:Covid-19 drop-down folder on our website. Residents and family with access to internet will then be able to pull up previous bulletins, if and when needed. 

DISCLAIMER: MHA and CovidCom are endeavouring to regularly communicate useful or necessary information to our residents, staff, and the wider MHA family, so that we can all be best prepared to confront the COVID-19 monster at our door. To the best of our ability we ensure that the material shared is reliable and accurate, but MHA cannot be held responsible for any unintended errors or inaccuracies. Please immediately bring such errors or inaccuracies to our attention, via the link.